Homosexuality as a Moral Issue

If one is absolutely convinced that scripture condemns ALL homosexual activity, then the issue, for a Christian anyway, is settled. Much of the study material on this site addresses this question, both pro and con. If one comes to the conclusion that what scripture condemns does NOT include every instance of homosexual activity, then additional study and contemplation is necessary. This note addresses this question.

Notes from the book COUNSELING LESBIAN PARTNERS, by Joretta Jordan, 1997

Jordan describes a model developed by Patricia Jung and Ralph Smith which describes five levels of viewing both homosexual orientation (HO) and homosexual activity (HA). The only kind of HA discussed is that which is carried on within a same-gender two person domestic household within a loving monogamous long term relationship. It is assumed that both heterosexual and homosexual activities carried on as part of "casual sex" or an abusive relationship is morally wrong.

Level....HO..........HA.......................How to counsel

1	Unnatural...Evil			Change behavior. 
						Both HO and HA are immoral

2	Diseased....Not justified		Partners have no moral blame
						Abstinence is recommended

3	Defective...permissible		HO and HA are morally neutral
						"Don't ask, don't tell" policy

4	Imperfect...justified		Do not attempt to influence
						HO and HA are morally neutral

5	Natural.....good			HO being natural, HA is OK
						Affirm and celebrate the relationship

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