Evidences that evolution really did happen. (The scientific model)


1          Classification. Species, Genera, families, orders, etc.

2          Comparative anatomy. Particularly skeletal structures

3          Embryology. Reproductive development similarities

4          Biochemistry. DNA similarities. Common building blocks.

5          Physiology. Blood precipitates. Behavior characteristics

6          Geographical distribution. Population distinctives

7          Vestigial organs. Appendix (?). Male nipples.

8          Breeding experiments. New varieties and species through hybridization

9          Mutation. Appearance of new species. Change of organisms (microbes)

10        Paleontology. Fossil record. Appearance & disappearance of species

11        Geology. Catastrophe records match new appearances


The evolutionary process has been continuous. All living organisms are related through reproductive descent from common ancestors. The ancestor of humanity and the chimpanzee lived about 8 million years ago. There is a continuum between variation within a species, microevolution and macroevolution (emergence of a new species).  All organisms are related, as twigs on a tree. Science, as science, says nothing at all as to whether there was divine intervention at any point in the process.